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The option to dress up your Anipals is coming!


Much like we had details for big update last month for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, a new in-game notice has been sent out regarding what’s to come from the next large scale update and this is a summarised list for anyone who has yet to see it for themselves:

  • Customise Your Campsite: You’ll soon be able to customise the terrain in select areas at your campsite.
  • Pull the Rugs Out: Start crafting those rugs—soon you’ll be able to place more than one at your campsite.
  • Dress Up Your Animal Friends: Custom outfits are coming! You’ll be able to pick new looks for your animal friends. (*Not all clothing will be compatible with all animals.)
  • More Updates:
    • Adding the option to ask multiple platers for help with Shovelstrike Quarry at once.
    • Making Market Box easier to use.
    • Making your Garden easier to manage all at once.
    • Adding new bugs and fish.


*Please note that update content may change without prior notification.


I know what you’re thinking, it’s not quite an update that lets you add more Animals to your camp or build a third tent on your campsite, but it’s better than what we’ve got already and if the last time a notice like this is any indication, the new update should drop before the month is over, so we’ll bring you an update as soon as one comes.



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