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If you’re a huge fan of Fire Emblem Heroes, you might have already learned a new update is available for it, only it is a lot bigger than both the App and Google Play Store have let on, so here’s the complete low-down of what is new and why the update matters:


What’s in Store for the 2.1.0 Update:


Upper Limit on Hero Merit Raised:

The upper limit on Hero Merit has been raised from 3,000 to 4,000. If you’ve already reached the upper limit with your favorite Heroes, you can once again earn Hero Feathers by taking them into battle.


Check Maps before Battle!:

A new option to check the map layout before entering battle has been added. From left to right, the icons allow you to edit your team, check the map, and check related quests:

You can also check map layouts in Special Maps. Use this to your advantage to plan a strategy before heading into difficult battles. Please note that this new feature cannot be used in the Arena.


New Options in the Weapon Refinery:

The following weapon skills can now be upgraded in the Weapon Refinery:

  • Cymbeline (from Sanaki: Begnion’s Apostle)
  • Parthia (from Jeorge: Perfect Shot)


To access the Weapon Refinery, after clearing Book I, Chapter 13 in the main story, you must clear the second Intermission map, The Rite of Blades.


Additional Sacred Seals:

You can now create the following Sacred Seals:

  • Brash Assault 1
  • Savage Blow 1
  • Hone Spd 1
  • Close Def 1
  • Guidance 1
  • Atk Smoke 1


To access the Sacred Seal Forge, after clearing Book I, Chapter 13 in the main story, you must clear the Intermission map A Power Awakens. Remember: If you already possess a Sacred Seal, you can’t get another of the same type.


New Arena Maps, New Terrain:

New maps will appear in the Arena starting with the season that begins on 1/15/18 at 11:00 p.m.(PT)

Some of the new maps include a new terrain type: trenches. Cavalry Heroes can move only one space in trenches.


Trenches will also appear in future maps, if appropriate to their themes. We hope players who love teams of cavalry Heroes and players who have struggled against cavalry Heroes will come up with new strategies for these new maps.


Other Changes:

  • Skills unique to a specific Hero will now display the text, “This skill can only be equipped by its original unit.”
  • Be aware that some weapon skills will only be able to be equipped by the original unit and therefore cannot be inherited by another Hero.
  • Icons have been added to the skill descriptions of non-weapon type skills to indicate when the skills cannot be equipped by units of certain weapon or movement types
  • When equipping or changing Sacred Seals, you can now opt to start by selecting a Sacred Seal first or selecting a character first.
  • Starting with the next Voting Gauntlet, Heroes without an equipped weapon skill will not appear as enemies or allies.
  • A status bar will appear now in the upper portion of the screen while playing on iPhone X.


Bug Fixes:

  • Prerequisites related to skill inheritance and weapons upgraded with the Weapon Refinery have been corrected. Weapons where the name changes after upgrading, like Slaying Edge+ or Guard Bow+, can now be inherited with the correct preupgrade Weapon skill as a prerequisite.
  • Fixed bug on devices running iOS 11 where the descriptions that appear when tapping a Hero’s name or skill icon at the top of the screen would immediately disappear.


We hope you find this informative write-up more to your liking and has you more in the know about a mobile game you just happen to adore.


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