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Welcome back to yet another Miketendo64’s Ammo Knights Newsletter, our weekly helping of dedicated coverage of upcoming weaponry and specials for Splatoon 2, and whatever Splatoon 2 news that happens to fall into our hands.

Despite the fact, weapons and the like for Splatoon 2, are usually revealed before the weekend, it seems Nintendo are taking a different approach this year, as a new weapon has been revealed, immediately after the weekend. Not to worry though, because we have all the information and you can read up on it all, right here, followed by a list of date and times the weapon becomes available:


Happy Nouveau Year! In honor of a brand-new calendar year, reports are in that the Octobrush Nouveau will become available later this evening! This bristling beauty matches the stats of the Octobrush but has a kit that encourages a supportive playstyle.

It comes with Squid Beakons to help expand your teammates’ options, and Tenta Missiles to lay down some covering fire. After all, the best way to start off the new year is with a bang!


18:00 PT (January 1st)

21:00 ET (January 1st)

02:00 BST/UTC (January 2nd)

03:00 CEST/UTC+1 (January 2nd)

10:00 JST (January 2nd)


Until next time, Stay Fresh!

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