Resident Evil: Revelations Review

Revelations is ridiculously easy to recommend. Even though almost half of its core campaign is wasted on not-so-compelling shooting sections, the survival segments are a showcase of the series at its very peak. At times, the storyline might get a little bit too convoluted due to the web of happenings surrounding it, but the plot – and the way it is slowly developed – keeps the experience interesting all the way through, going beyond making players wonder what is around the next corner, and also making them look forward to discovering the truth behind what is going on in the ship.


By contrasting two opposing gameplay styles, Revelations brings out the very best and the worst in the series

revelations1During the course of its life, the Resident Evil series has gone through some polarizing changes that stranded some of its most conservative fans, but that opened up the gates for a large group of outsiders. By doing away with traditional survival horror and stitching up some of its best elements with the action-packed formula that the best-selling shooters of the modern gaming era sport, it could be said that Resident Evil was successful in maintaining a firm grip on its position as one of the gaming market’s leading franchises; staying afloat by giving in to trends instead of running the risk of fading away alongside the genre it was born into.

Even though infected human beings who turn into some sort of brainless horde of disgusting creatures were still there, the…

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