[Rumour] Details of Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon are Leaking and Here is What we “Know” so Far

*Warning! The following article contains information of a Spoilery nature!



When it comes to Pokémon games, we either get too much information before release, or a whole ton of information is leaked, like how Sun and Moon leaked last year.


Well if the new information that is spreading all across the internet is to be believed, history has repeated once again as datamined details concerning Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are leaking once again and here is a sharing of the information collected by Poke Jungle:




  • There are no new Alolan Forms
  • UB: Adhesive evolves into Naganadel via level up with Dragon Pulse. Changing from pure Poison to Poison/Dragon upon evolution. A fast special attacker
  • Ultra Beast names are as follows:
    • Poipole (UB: Adhesive) // Poison-type
    • Naganadel (UB: Adhesive evolution) // Poison/Dragon-type
    • Stakataka (UB: Assembly)
    • Blacephalon (UB: Burst)
    • Zeraora (Mythical Legendary, Electric-type, Fast and offensive with 600 BST)



  • Mimikyu’s Z-Move is called Snuggle Forever // Physical, Fairy-type, 190
  • Plasma Fists – “The user attacks with electrically charged fists. This move changes Normal-type moves to Electric-type moves”



  • Some music has leaked from the games, but we won’t be posting it here
  • Ultra Space encounters aren’t shiny locked



  • Necrozma has a third form called Ultra Necrozma
  • You battle Hau instead of Kukui for your first battle as Champion
  • Team Rainbow Rocket’s objective is to rule the universe and build an army of Ultra Beasts
  • Ash appears in the game code alongside other NPCs, and may appear in game
  • You are gifted a Pikachu that knows Surf for getting the top rank in all four Surf Spots. The NPC that gives it to you has a Pikachu that knows Fly
  • The Kahunas in USUM are the same as in Sun & Moon The Elite Four in USUM consists of Hala, Olivia, Acerola, and Molayne
  • The trials in USUM are the same as in Sun & Moon, except it adds on Mina’s Fairy Trial, and one “unknown” one (according to the game’s code)
  • Mohn returns to the Aether Paradise
  • Marowak, Araquanid, Togedemaru, and Ribombee are the new Totem Pokémon. The former three replace Salazzle, Wishiwashi and Vikavolt respectively
  • You get Poipole as an in-game gift Pokémon


Until all of the above is proven to be true, for now, it is simply circumstantial so you are welcome to disbelieve it at your own leisure.



Source: Poke Jungle


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