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In case you missed the memo, at Miketendo64, this week is #MarioWeek and this is Mario & Me! Our latest mini-series of interviews where developers, Miketendo64 staff and even Friends of Miketendo64 reveal just how much Mario means to all of us.


Under the spotlight in today’s first of two new instalments, is one of our newest reviewers, Toby Saunders. Here’s what he had to say when undergoing our Quick Fire round:



Q1. Name and/or Known Alias? Toby Saunders.

Q2. First Mario game you played? Super Mario Land.

Q3. Last Mario game you played? Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros.!           

Q4. Favourite Power-up? Double Cherry.

Q5. Least favourite Power-up? Poison Mushroom. 

Q6. Favourite Boss Battle? Hisstocrat. 

Q7. Least favourite Boss Battle? The four dinosaurs that keep coming up in New Super Mario Bros 2.

Q8. Mario or Luigi? Luigi!

 Q9. Princess Peach or Princess Daisy? Peach!

Q10. Metal Mario or Rabbid Mario? Metal.

Q11. Frog Suit or Racoon Suit? Racoon.

Q12. Goombas or Koopa Troopers? Goombas.

Q13. Super Mario Odyssey, physical or digital purchase? Physical all day long!

Q14. Playing Mario alone, or with a friend? A loner on a lonely road… alone.

Q15. Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine, or Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2? Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2. Superb games.


And from short, yet delightfully  sweet answers, it is time we moved on to the longer answers, so here’s the Final Three round: 


What does Mario and his associated franchise mean to you?

To be honest, I never truly loved the Mario games until I got a bit older. When I was a young Goomba, I found them too difficult. I played a lot of Super Mario Land 1 and 2 back in the day, but never really got into Super Mario 64 as many others did. The first time I truly appreciated a Mario game was actually Super Mario Galaxy – still one of the finest games ever created.

Ever since then, I’ve gone back and loved every second of older (and newer Mario games. A new 3D Mario title is an event that I look forward to in the same way as a new Pokémon or Super Smash Bros. Thankfully there are plenty of side games such as Mario Kart, Party and tonnes of sports titles to keep me entertained in the meantime. Mario is about as big as it gets when it comes to games and they always have me grinning.


What is a Mario moment you will always treasure?

Despite having said that I never truly appreciated Super Mario 64 until I got older, the memories of that game will always stick with me. The opening of the game is about as spectacular as gaming moments come, but for me, the defining moment of the entire Mario series is the slide race against a penguin in Mario 64 – I played that section so, so much back in the day.


What are you most looking forwards to doing in Super Mario Odyssey?

There’s too much to look forward to with Super Mario Odyssey! I just can’t wait to get stuck into it and have a look at everything. It looks like it could displace Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 as the best in the series and that’s quite something.



Toby, you’ve not been with us very long, but you work so far has been promising and we hope to have you carry on with us. Like all those before you, you have made your mark on #MarioWeek and should any of our readers feel like contributing, here are the two ways you can do so:

1) Comment any answer to any question you want in the comments.

2) Answer them all and send us an email with your answers to miketendo64@gmail.com!



We will be sharing another Mario & Me interview today, only it won’t be posted this afternoon, but the wait will be worth it because the next interview is with a FDG Entertainment employee and he’s brought some artwork to share!

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