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In case you missed the memo, at Miketendo64, this week is #MarioWeek and this is Mario & Me! Our latest mini-series of interviews where developers, Miketendo64 staff and even Friends of Miketendo64 reveal just how much Mario means to all of us.


Under the spotlight in today’s second of two new instalments, is regular guest on Miketendo64, for it is none other than FDG Entertainment’s Philip Döschl. Here’s what he had to say when undergoing our Quick Fire round:



Q1. Name and/or Known Alias? Philipp Döschl – The Toast Machine.

Q2. First Mario game you played Super Mario Bros. (NES)

Q3. Last Mario game you played? Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle (Switch)        

Q4. Favourite Power-up? The Super Mushroom – Since I’m rather short, I always dreamt of finding a Super Mushroom and grow a bit more. Unfortunately I’m allergic to mushrooms since late childhood (no kidding!)

Q5. Least favourite Power-up? The blue shell in Mario Kart when I’m in first.

Q6. Favourite Boss Battle? The first fight versus Bowser in Super Mario 64.

Q7. Least favourite Boss Battle? None.

Q8. Mario or Luigi? What’s Mario without his brother Luigi?

Q9. Princess Peach or Princess Daisy? Doesn’t really matter, they’re look-likes and both have the absurd talent of getting captured by Bowser.

Q10. Metal Mario or Rabbid Mario? Metal Mario.

Q11. Frog Suit or Racoon Suit? Racoon – Just because raccoons are super sweet.

Q12. Goombas or Koopa Troopers? Goombas – The cannon fodder in Mario’s world (or jump-on-my-head fodder.)

Q13. Super Mario Odyssey, physical or digital purchase? P-H-Y-S-I-C-A-L!!!

Q14. Playing Mario alone, or with a friend? With my son and my girlfriend.

Q15. Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine, or Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2? Super Mario 64 and Sunshine – the first one is one of the most important game of all times, the other one a much under-estimated Mario game.



And from short, yet delightfully sweet answers, it is time we moved on to the longer answers, so here’s the Final Three round:


What does Mario and his associated franchise mean to you?

A LOT! It wasn’t the first game I played or owned (my first console was some Atari). I remember I got my first NES for my birthday in ‘86 with Excitebike, Ice Climber and few others. I got Super Mario Bros. sometime in ‘87 and immediately fell in love with the character, the world and especially the music. I played the game over and over again. Since then, Mario has been a steady companion in my life as gamer and I enjoyed most of the Mario games released.


What is a Mario moment you will always treasure?

The credits roll at the end of Super Mario 64. I loved the music there and it was somehow such a great reward.


What are you most looking forwards to doing in Super Mario Odyssey?

Taking control of all kind of things in the world!



As always Philipp, thank you for taking the time to join us and for making your mark on #MarioWeek and should any of our readers feel like contributing, here are the two ways you can do so:

1) Comment any answer to any question you want in the comments.

2) Answer them all and send us an email with your answers to miketendo64@gmail.com!



For more Mario & Me, why not check back tomorrow for another two new instalments, or click on link below to check out our previous instalments: 





We also have this photo of framed illustrations drawn by Philip in the 90’s, so enjoy:

2017-10-24 16.58.00.jpeg

Care to guess what the pictures pertain to?

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