[Gallery] A Quick Look at What’s in Store for Version 1.1 of Piczle Lines DX (DLC Pack Releases September 21st)

Previously revealed as part of Rainy Frog Games’ line-up for this year’s Tokyo Game Show, Piczle Lines DX is getting its first DLC Pack and update this very week and now thanks to Rainy Frog, we’ve got a couple of pictures to share in advance, so here they all are:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And now to get a little technical, once the update is downloaded, the Horror Pack can be found at the bottom of the list of packs in Puzzle Mode and consists of 20 new Horror inspired puzzles, with 1 being a 64×64 sized puzzle, 7 are 32×32, 4 are 28×28, with another 4 puzzles being 26×26 and 22×22.


We hope you’re looking forwards to the new update as much as we are!


Source: Rainy Frog Games PR


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