[Literature] The Art of Splatoon Teases new Splatoon 2 Focused “Research Offering”

For anyone who chose not to pick up The Art of Splatoon when it released back in July, because it has not Splatoon 2 related content, you’d be wrong.


Not only does the book have a couple of pages of artwork pertaining to the sequel that released on Switch back in July, but there is a piece of Coming Soon and in it “we” (the Squid Research) go on to say they are diligently keeping an eye on new developments and will assemble them all in a upcoming research offering for Splatoon 2. But don’t take our word for it, we’ve got footage of the full text, which appears on Page 321:


There is a possibility that this tease might not even be a book, but it something is in the works and when Nintendo or even Amazon are ready to unveil it, we’ll be sure to share it. As for The Art of Splatoon, if you have not checked the book out before, you can do so with the link below:



Source: The Art of Splatoon


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