Raw Fury & Nifflas are Bringing Uurnog Uurnlimited to Nintendo Switch

In addition to GoNNER, Kingdom: Two Crowns and Dandara, publisher Raw Fury has revealed they have another game planned for Nintendo Switch and it is none other than Nifflas Games’ Uurnog Uurnlimited.


So to better familiarise you all with the revealed title, here’s a brief description. Features and Switch announcement trailer, enjoy:


*          *          *          *          *




Explore a strange world! Steal all the animals and keep them in the save room – the only place that doesn’t reset when you die. Just don’t bring explosives into the save room. Your mistakes are saved too. Uurnog is a game for Windows and macOS. It will be released on March 3 as part of Humble Monthly. The game’s music is composed in a unique algorithmic program that is integrated with the game and accessible through its developer mode. This allows the music to make very unusual dynamic changes linked to what the player does in the game.



  • Chaotic 2D platforming.
  • Make-up-your-own-solution puzzles.
  • Mischievous AI Characters.
  • Talking cubes voiced by 22 people.
  • The cubes can say around 1650 phrases (That is completely excessive for the game.)
  • Custom algorithmic music software.
  • Secret developer mode (Press F12 in the main menu)

*          *          *          *          *


Source: Raw Fury (YouTube)


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