[Patch Notes] Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Version 1.1.384237

In case you were not aware, not only is Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle officially released globally, but it also has a Day 1 update that comes packed with a lot of good news and now that Ubisoft has made the patch notes available, here they are:

*          *          *          *          *




  • Overall Game stability, audio, UI, and localization have been improved.



  • The Skill Tree reset is now free.
  • Tactical Camera is now displaying Deployable Info Card like it does for heroes, enemies, etc.
  • The Bosses’ AI has been improved.
  • Some collision issues in exploration phase have been fixed.
  • Minor gameplay glitches have been fixed.



  • You can now select supported languages when you launch the game for the first time.
  • You can now select the story mode and the supported languages via the Main Menu.
  • You can now view the available Additional Contents (AOC) in the Main Menu.
  • Russian, Traditional and Simplified Chinese have been added in the supported languages.



  • 2D weapons icons have been updated to fit with 3D models aspects.
  • Level of Details has been improved in exploration phase.
  • At the end of the combat, the reward board is now in 3D and feedbacks have been improved.
  • Technics preview has been improved during battles.



  • One scene has been added after completing the main adventure.
  • One scene has been added when the player has reached a 100% completion save and returned to Peach Castle.


*          *          *          *          *


Source: support.ubi.com


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