I hope you’re not quite done with Magikarp Jump, as a new update has just become available and it is packed with a whole lot of content and while it is too early for us to put together a guide for it like we’ve done for the previous updates, here’s the patch notes of everything we know so for:



What’s new in Version 1.3 of Magikarp Jump: 

  • New Elite Four League has been added.
  • New Master League has been added, which can only be challenged after beating the Elite Four League.
  • Once Master League has been beaten, players can replay it, much like they could replay Expert League 3.
  • Motivation Bonus can now be increased once again.
  • Upon reaching Level 100 and beating the Magikarp League, there will no longer be a limit in place as to how much JP your Magikarp can have, so you can train it indefinitely, or until you lose it and have to start all over again with another one.
  • There is a Pond Booster item that speeds up how much JP your Magikarp can earn.
  • 2 New Friendship Item/Support Pokémon have been added.
    • Spell Tag aka Mimikyu can be used every 1 hour and 21 minutes to award a little JP and costs 400 Diamonds.
    • Choice Scarf Tag Gardevoir can be used every 5 hours and 24 minutes to grant you lots of coins and costs 600 Diamonds.
  • 6 New Random Events have been added with one requiring Mimikyu.

2 New Magikarp Pattern Types have been added, with each type consisting of 2 Magikarp.

  • 2 New Food Items have been added.
    • Old Gateau (Requires Trainer Rank 77 to purchase it.)
    • Big Malasada (Requires Trainer Rank 77 to purchase it.)
  • 2 New Training Exercises have been added.
    • Steelix Push (Requires Trainer Rank 80 to purchase it.)
    • Tackle Machine (Requires Trainer Rank 84 to purchase it.)
  • 4 New Decorations have been added.
  • Cacnea Planter (Costs 400 Diamonds and has a Skill Recovery rate of +10%.)
  • Ditto Cushion (Other than its name, all details about it and what it does is unknown at the time of writing.)
  • Red Cap (Unlocked by beating the Elite Four League.)
  • Gold Magikarp Statue (Unlocked by beating the Master League.)



Source: Pokémon: Magikaro Jump (Mobile Application)


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