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Got a NES tucked away somewhere safe? Well get ready to dig it out, dust it off and play on it once more!

Independent video game development studio Mega Cat Studios, (who specialise in creating games form old school consoles, PC and current generation consoles,) are pleased to announce the creation of three more games for the gold old Nintendo Entertainment System and provided the following details and photos about each one, along with a video for Expedition:


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Log Jammers: ($49.00 US dollars)

Log Jammers is a fantasy-lumberjack-sports arcade game. Become one of eight trash-talking log athletes as you chuck razor sharp axes at your opponent’s goal. Catch blades out of the air and quicktoss them back, upgraded with a variety of lumberjack power-ups. Couch co-op is recommended for anybody with some flannel-minded friends.

Almost Hero: ($49.00 US dollars)

For those that have always dreamed of training with a local bonsai-tree master to rise up and face the bullies of their city, Almost Hero is for you. Available for one or two players, this side-scrolling beat ’em up has demanding combat, knock-off nostalgic cartoon bosses, and hidden ninja tactics you can learn through some questionable VHS tapes.


Expedition: ($75.00 US dollars)

Expedition is a unique set-up. It is designed to offer a streamlined table-top RPG experience, eliminating the four hour time commitment and stacks of paperwork. The NES companion cartridge simplifies things further, and adds animated graphics and fantasy soundscapes to your exploits. It comes loaded with some fully-fledged quests, and also a system for running your own original adventures!


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Now I know we had the NES Mini last year and have the SNES Mini arriving next month, but there really is nothing like playing on the old, chunky NES, so if you feel like checking these games out a little bit more, then be sure to click on the link beneath this paragraph as each of the NES games complete with a working NES cartridge, box and game manual:


Or you can just click on the links that are seen beneath each game description. The choice is yours!


Source: Mega Cat Studios PR


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