Cloud Player Two Amiibo Review

Kuribo closes out his Smash Brothers Amiibo Reviews with Cloud Player Two. Does this figure get his recommendation? Read on to find out!

It has been fun reviewing the last wave of Super Smash Bros. Amiibo and now it is time for the last Amiibo of the six that I purchased and will review.  Cloud Player One is at least partially based off his Final Fantasy: Advent Children movie design and while I saw Advent Children when it came out a number of years ago, I can’t say I have fond memories of it.  I think the movie was a mild disappointment and lacked a solid story and the charm of Final Fantasy 7.  It is interesting to now review a figure that is inspired by the movie and looks quite a bit different than Cloud’s original design.  Is this a cool, new design that everyone should own or an Amiibo only diehard Cloud and Advent Children fans should get?  Let’s find out!

Cloud Strife Player Two Amiibo Super Smash Brothers Final Fantasy 7 Front BoxBox – Much like the Player Two Cloud, the color…

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