Solar Jetman: Hunt for the Golden Warship Review

Wizard Dojo

*Review based on Solar Jetman’s release as part of Rare Replay*

Solar Jetman: Hunt for the Golden Warship is the third entry in Rare’s original franchise, Jetpac, and was released a notable seven years after its predecessors. By 1990, the video game landscape had changed considerably, with Rare being creative in thinking of ways to bring Jetpac up-to-date for its third entry. Though some of these (then)modernizations were impressive for their time, and the game boasts some fun ideas, some of its elements have succumbed to age.

In Solar Jetman, that ever-persistent astronaut must navigate a series of planets while in search of the pieces of the legendary Golden Warship. This time, the titular “Jetman” pilots spaceships through these planets.

Players travers cavern-like stages, with the spaceships being able to rotate 360 degrees. If the ship gets destroyed, Jetman is back to his old jetpacking ways, and can return to…

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