Bayonetta Player One Amiibo Review

The Super Smash Bros. Amiibo reviews keep coming from Kuribo and Find out why Bayonetta Player One is one of the best Amiibo yet!

I have to admit, I had a bit of epiphany as I wrote this review.  I really like Bayonetta’s character design in Bayonetta 2.  She looks classier than in Bayonetta and her haircut not only suits her but is more of a timeless look (I think the original design has not aged as well).  While I’m sure this makes me appreciate the Amiibo a bit more, I don’t think it changes my review because this is one of the cooler Amiibo I’ve purchased and I’m excited to talk about why.

Bayonetta Player One Amiibo Box FrontBox – Much like the Player Two Amiibo, the box looks great and captures the character well.  I wouldn’t have minded if Nintendo used a blue color like on Bayonetta’s box art but the purple looks nice and matches Player Two’s box as well.  I would certainly consider keeping this Amiibo in the box if I wasn’t reviewing it for…

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