First Impressions of Princess Peach and Mario 2-Pack

Kuribo shares his thoughts on a brand new release and Comic Con exclusive Mario figure set that any retro fans would want to know about! Warning: reading this article may make you feel Nintendo nostalgia!

A while back I reported on a special, limited edition World of Nintendo release sold at San Diego Comic Con.  The Princess Peach and Mario 2-Pack could be purchased from Entertainment Earth on the show floor during the convention.  For anyone unable to attend, they could essentially pre-order to potentially buy any that did not sell at the convention.  I was lucky enough to get an order in before they sold out and sure enough, a couple days after San Diego Comic Con ended, I got an email from Entertainment Earth letting me know that my 2-pack was shipping!

I always love to hunt down a rare figure and while I have no idea how many of these will be made, I suspect it will be limited.  I do not plan on opening this figure set because it is such a nice display piece and I want to preserve…

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