New Fire Emblem Heroes News Inbound Thanks to a new Broadcast that Goes Live this Week!

You know what we haven’t had in the last few months? Another Fire Emblem Heroes stream and tomorrow another stream is exactly what we’re going to get.


Except unlike last time, the new stream which takes place on July 28th for Europe and Japan and July 27th for North America, their will actually be both a Japanese and English stream, so anyone anywhere who speaks English, will actually be able to watch it this time around. As for the duration of the stream, it is said to last for 15 minutes and is to be packed with information and since the last one was filled to the rafters   stream will actually be in English as, so when the huge influx of news comes like it did last time, it will already be translated and broadcasted (Hero Fest, Permadeath, Grand Hero Xander, etc.) we’re expecting a similar thing this time around.

As for where you can watch it and what time the stream begins, we have all that information for you right here:

Japanese YouTube Stream:

English YouTube Stream:


20:30 PT (July 27th)

23:30 ET (July 27th)

04:30 BST/UTC (July 28th)

05:30 CEST/UTC+ (July 28th)

12:30 JST (July 28th)


For anyone who misses the stream, we will of course be provided our regular kind of coverage for it, which will go up on the very same day the stream broadcasts.


Source: Nintendo Mobile (YouTube)


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