Soundtrack of the Netflix Castlevania Series is Now Available on Amazon!

It may not be a DVD release, but it’s the next best thing!


Following the entire release of season 1 of the Netflix Castlevania series and news of a second series being ordered, the soundtrack to the series is now up on amazon and can be brought in MP3 format ($9.49 US dollars), or as a physical audio CD that costs a little more ($14.98 US dollars.)

Whatever version you decide to get though, it’s still music by the Emmy winning Trevor Morris, who has composed for a great number of films and games and having watched the complete series three times now, he knocked it out of the park for the Castlvania series so if you’re wondering if the soundtrack is any good than it is and it has 27 tracks to boot to.


For more on the soundtrack why not check out its amazon listing with the link below: 




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