Just in case in Max Brass, a stage and his favourite ARMS wasn’t enough, next week’s ARMS update will have even more for us to sink our teeth into!


Coming straight from the official Japanese Twitter for ARMS and an unofficial English one that does its best to translate the Japanese content, the ARMS league secretly keeps records on every fighter and as part of a Version 2.0 update that rolls out next week, those records will be going public as players will now be able to access them in-game.

As for what kind of things they keep a record on, well it will show things like your success rate from your last 100 fights, frequency of ARMS used and your hit rate. But Records might not be the only thing that arrives as there is even a few tweets dedicated to a Hedlok with one showing a Helix clone punching a mysterious ball and revealing a Hedlok mask like item that when punched, takes over the Helix Clone. Whether this is a new item in general or something that is available is yet to be seen as there is no information on that just yet. Just like there is no mention of it being a part of the Version 2.0 update, or a future one.

With regards to the other Hedlok focused tweet, it comes with a video that shows Helix in the lab that made him and behind him, is a test tube where Hedlok is being assembled and dialogue reads as being the experimental stage has begun, so fighters can now try it out for themselves as test subjects.

But since the Hedlok item is being shown off now, amongst everything else regarding the update, including more Max Brass stuff, there is still a good chance the item will also be introduced next week, including how it ties in and just as soon as the update and patch notes are out, we’ll be sure to let you know!

Until next time, keep on gaming!


Source: @ARMS_Cobutter (Twitter) & @armsfan_eng (Twitter)


By Jack Longman

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