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*Update (06/07/15): It’s turned out to be like we said, the available demo version of the Japanese version of Monster Hunter XX and not a localised version in the works. This news comes from @NoruDarts who took the photo that started all of this in the first place.


What’s that? It’s time to fan the flames of Monster Hunter XX localisation speculation? You’re absolutely right it is!


Even now, there has been no news whatsoever regarding plans for the localisation of Monster Hunter XX, for Switch or 3DS and yet the day before Japan Expo kicks off in France (today), a sneaky peak at Nintendo’s sizeable booth has revealed a Monster Hunter XX Switch version demo station is in fact present and a photo of it can be seen here:

While some sites have passed these piece of news off as a rumour, let’s just get something straight, it is not the demo station booth being in attendance that is the rumour, but the belief that it means the game is being localised after all. Yes there is a possibility of such a thing happening, but with it being a “Japan Expo” there is no reason at all why it couldn’t easily be the sole Japanese version of the game being playable.


But the good news is with the event kicks off tomorrow, we won’t be waiting too long for the answer to arrive, and when it does, we will of course be sharing it right here at miketendo64.com! Do be sure to join us!


Source: @NintendoActu (Twitter)


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