Niconico Says Tomorrow’s Splatoon 2 Direct is “Only” 25 Minutes Long

For those of you looking forwards to the Splatoon 2 Direct tomorrow, but are wondering how long it will run for, an answer has arrived!

According to Niconico, the Nintendo Direct will last for 25 minutes, which if proved true (Niconico has been wrong in the past), means get ready for lots of content and footage because a lot can be seen and revealed in such a length of time and while some of it is bound to be repeated information, there will be lots of new information as well. But if you have forgotten what time the who shebang kicks off and don’t have a link for the Direct, we’ve got you covered:


07:00 PT

10:00 ET

15:00 BST/UTC

16:00 CEST/UTC+1


Until the Splatoon 2 Direct, Stay Fresh!


Source: Niconico


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