[Update] Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Version 1.1.0 Tweaks and Additions Includes Pikmin-themed Racing Suit!

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If you love Mario Kart 8 Deluxe but don’t like the fact that it doesn’t have a Pikmin-themed Racing Suit, well get ready to forgive the racing game as a new update has rolled out and such a thing has now been included, as well as everything else you see listed below:



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Version 1.2.0:

  • Players can use Pikmin-themed amiibo to unlock a Pikmin Suit for the Mii driver.
  • Race rules and course name are now displayed on loading screens for online and wireless play, as well as Mario Kart TV.
  • Players who are behind in online matches will receive items geared toward catching up more frequently.
  • In online matches, no more than two Piranha Plants will be granted as items at the same time.
  • Controls are no longer unresponsive when the timer runs out when choosing a Mii racing suit for online matches.
  • When a player uses an item right after the Super Horn in online matches, that item will now remain available for other players.
  • Item wheel no longer spins continuously in online matches.
  • Online matches now end as intended 30 seconds after the first place racer finishes.
  • The Boomerang now returns to the first slot, if possible, after a player catches it.
  • Items shown in a player’s item slots now display correctly when holding an item behind them.
  • No longer possible to use an item after it has been used to block an attack.
  • Communication errors no longer occur frequently while spectating or after spectating online matches.


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Also if your Switch hasn’t downloaded it yet, it only takes mere minutes to do so, so feel free to update anytime at your own convenience.


Source: en-americas-support.nintendo.com

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