[Video] Metroid Wii U + 3DS Pitch – What Happened?

In a surprise that shocked Metroid fans across the globe, not one but two Metroid games were revealed earlier this month, only one game in particular sees involvement from MercurySteam.


 Why does that matter? Well it 2015 in collaboration between Videogame Historian Liam Robertson and Nintendo Life, it was revealed that MercurySteam had pitched a new Metroid game to Nintendo for Wii U and 3DS, only despite all the facts both investigative parties were able to gather together, this news was flat-out denied by MercurySteam. Only fast forward to the present and MercurySteam are in fact working on a Metroid game for 3DS and Liam Robertson has chosen to revisit the story and find out what happened and now here’s his follow-up video:

For anyone who would like to read up on the original story, be sure to click here, it is a good read after all!


Source: Liam Robertson – Game History Guy (YouTube) & Nintendo Life


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