Nintendo E3 Spotlight Impressions for Every Game

Hi everyone! Mr. Panda here, with impressions of the Nintendo E3 Spotlight and the games revealed within. It includes my reactions from directly after the conference as well as my thoughts on the games revealed on the Treehouse Live segment following the presentation!

Mr. Panda's Video Game Reviews

Hats Off to Nintendo!

The annual gamer’s hype holiday week is finally here! The big gaming expo E3 is in full swing, and the major companies have all given their press conferences. In Nintendo’s case, as in previous years, the presentation came in the form of the web broadcast titled the “Nintendo Spotlight.” Although I still miss the live press conferences with cheering, the Spotlight was an exciting event. My wife and I did cheering of our own and recorded our impressions directly after the event, which you can see below.

Here is the Video Version, with fresh reactions directly after the show!

Nintendo had an important job ahead of itself. Having just released the Nintendo Switch, the company had to convince the public that there were great games on the horizon. Based on the showing, Nintendo went all out with the message that it was worth it…

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