Fire Emblem Warriors Will Get Two Special Versions In Japan

Japan always seems to get the best goodies and Fire Emblem Warriors is no exception. Apart from the Standard version, Japan will recieve two special editions, Treasure Box and Premium Box. Both editions will come with a copy of the game, an 80-page art book, character postcards and a 3-disc soundtrack. The Treasure Box edition will also include a limited edition Dragon Stone Crystal clock with voice integrated.

The pricing for each edition also depends on which version of the game you buy, it is slightly cheaper on the New 3DS than it is on the Switch.

Premium Box Switch Edition= 10,800 yen ($97.93 USD*)

Premium Box New 3DS Edition= 9,800 yen ($88.87 USD*)

Treasure Box Switch Edition= 15,800 yen ($143.27 USD*)

Treasure Box New 3DS Edition= 14,800 yen ($134.21 USD*)

*Price Conversion subject to change closer to release date




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