Amiibo Custom Artist Spotlight: NBros

Kuribo highlights the work of a talented French artist who makes the best Amiibo display stands you’ve ever seen!

For a short span there, Nintendo and PDP kept cranking out new ways to display your Amiibo but more recently, the amiibo display stand releases have dried up.  While the custom artist I am spotlighting is not making anything you can purchase (unfortunately), his work is incredible and fills a void that is growing with Amiibo.  Who doesn’t want an awesome themed display stand for their Amiibo after all?  Without further ado, please allow me to present the work of this amazing French Amiibo artist!

Super Mario Amiibo Display Stand NBros Image courtesy of:

Super Mario Custom Amiibo Stand – I don’t think I’m going out on a limb to say that most of us Amiibo collectors have at least some Mario figures in our collection.  And is there a better way to store/display them than this?  While it appears to be mostly made of cardboard, the stand looks straight out of a Mario video…

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