[Random] Sun & Moon’s 6th Global Mission is an Immediate Success!

Well Trainers, we’ve done it again! Both milestones for the Harvest Poké Beans Global Mission has been met!

For our efforts, those of us with a PGL account will receive 4,000 FC, whereas those who don’t will simply get 2,000 FC, when the event is over and we’ll all get a Level Ball as well. Alsoprovided you earned 30 Poké Beans, you can also expect to get 5 Rare Candies at a later date as well, but on the off chance you forgot to participate, you can still register even though the goal has been reached, but you will want to make sure you harvest 30 Poké Beans to be entitled to the rewards those who did register, are to receive.


But great job Trainers, you knocked it out of the park, even if this was the easiest Global Mission to date.


Source: @SerebiiNet (Twitter)


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