A little earlier on this month, Ratalaika Games confirmed that support for the Wii U is coming to an end. It’s a shame, but it was always going to happen, especially since Ratalaika Games are a Switch developer and they’ve not just got one game planned for the Switch, but quite a few!


When we reported yesterday that League of Evil was revealed to release on the Nintendo Switch as well as the 3DS, we were already aware of such a thing and aware of another game Ratalaika Games has confirmed for a Switch and thanks to a new press release they’re sending out this week, which has been sent to us a day in advance, we can now publically confirm 0000 is also coming to the Nintendo Switch, as well as a few other games that are currently unannounced. So without any further delay, let’s hear what Ratalaika has to say for themselves:


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Working on Nintendo Switch:

(25th of April, 2017)


Ratalaika Games – A couple of weeks ago we announced that we are working on 0000. A hard 1-bit platformer that we intend to bring to PC and Nintendo 3DS, but they aren’t the only platforms 0000 will be playable. I can confirm that Ratalaika Games are in fact a Nintendo Switch™ developer and we will be bringing 0000 to Nintendo Switch™ as well and that’s not all as we’ll will also be porting League of Evil to Nintendo Switch™.


These however are not our only Nintendo Switch™ games in development, as we have a few other titles we’ll be porting to the Nintendo Switch™ later on this year, so you can expect to hear more about them through official announcements in the coming months. As far as the Nintendo Switch™ versions of 0000 and League of Evil goes, we are aiming to release them, with our Japanese partner Rainy Frog handling the Japanese release of both titles for both Nintendo 3DS™ and Nintendo Switch™, so Japanese release could come at a later date.


League of Evil:

  • For the Nintendo Switch™ we have adjusted the interfaces, thus changing the play style.
  • The Nintendo Switch™ version will also include the level editor with the share system.
  • The entire game is fully compatible with all play-modes! You can make the levels with the touch screen too if you want.



  • For the Nintendo Switch™ we’re putting special work on the game OST as we want to give the best immersive experience into the game ambiance and style.
  • Leap and dodge to rhythmic, tense music inspired by a combination of 8-bit and modern electronic music. Levi Bond’s glitchy, dry-ice, energetic sounds come together to form a soundtrack to die, and die, and die for.


For more news, updates and announcements, stay up to date on all of our works by following us on Twitter and Facebook. We hope you look forwards to all of our upcoming Nintendo Switch™ games!


Ratalaika Games S.L

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Just in case a few of you are worried that some of Ratalaika Games’ upcoming and unannounced work will be Shovelware, you can take those worries and toss them straight in the bin! While we will not leak and spoil some of the other games Ratalaika have planned, what we will say is they are ports you would be happy to play and own, but one of these games is also coming to another hard hitting platform, which it will have a physical release on.


But like I said, because I don’t want to give too much away, I’m going to zip my lip after one final coming, when the next Ratalaika Switch announcement comes, a few of you might just lose your heads. (Yes, it’s going to be that good!)


Source: Ratalaika Games PR


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