Two weeks ago to this day, NIS America released a character trailer showcasing Disgaea 5 Complete’s Killia and Seraphina and today they’ve released a trailer that showcases  Usalia, Red Magnus Christo and Zeroken and you can see it right here:


Only the character news doesn’t just stop there as NIS America has also shared Bios for each of the four characters shown in the video and we’re sharing those Bios below:


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Height: 121cm

Weight: 25kg

Birthday: September 13th

Age: 808


Brief Description: The successor to Toto Bunny, where demons that don’t promote violence gather. Due to the spell cast by Void Dark’s arm, she needs to constantly eat curry, or she’ll rage. But now, she actually loves curry.



Height: 218cm

Weight: 152kg

Birthday: February 3rd

Age: 3313


Brief Description: The Overlord of Scorching Flame, where vicious demons gather. He, a very wild demon, believes that power is everything and wants to become the strongest Overlord by defeating Void Dark.



Height: 179cm

Weight: 58kg

Birthday: December 25th

Age: 2147


Brief Description: An Overlord that’s affiliated with a “certain Netherworld.” He’s a superior tactician and adviser who will do anything to prevail.



Height: 149cm

Weight: 45kg

Birthday: November 30th

Age: 1331


Brief Description: A tiny Overlord who fights alone against the Lost. He has a side of frivolity and a train of thought that changes according to the person he interacts with.



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And as a friendly reminder for anyone looking to pick up Disgaea 5 Complete next month, it comes to Nintendo Switch on May 23rd in North America and May 26th in Europe! And should any further Disgaea 5 Complete news pop up in the meantime, you can expect to find it right here at!


Source: NIS America PR


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