With more news regarding Splatoon 2 dropping when we lease expect it, a whole ton of news, coverage and information has made its way online and we’re on hand to compile it all and share it in a single place. Best make yourselves comfortable, this one is going to be a long one!


Today’s first piece information is to do with the Spawn Points seen and used in Splatoon 2. Admittedly we have previously learned all we really needed to know about them and have seen them in action (provided you played last month’s Testfire or watched footage of it), but the Squid Research Lab have finally gotten round to posting an English report on regarding Spawn Points and we have a coup of that report, right here:


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Spawn Points:

It looks like spawn points have seen a bit of an upgrade over the last two years. This new version seems to be a snazzy foreign-made model, but it looks to function just like the older domestic models. It would seem not even the Inkling world is immune to being buffeted by the winds of globalization.

 It looks like spawn points have seen a bit of an upgrade over the last two years. This new version seems to be a snazzy foreign-made model, but it looks to function just like the older domestic models. It would seem not even the Inkling world is...


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Only the report above is not the only one we have from the Squid Research Lab to share, as the official tumblr account has also posted a report regarding trend changes and suede leather trainers and we have the report right here:


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Trend Changes and Trainers:

It looks as though trends in the world of fashion have changed a bit in the last two years. New color palettes and materials have gained traction, and a more casual look is on the rise. Take these suede leather sneakers, for example. They somehow manage to be both casual and classy, and they go great with almost any outfit choice.



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And now we move away from the Squid Research Lab and focus our sights on the official Twitter account for Splatoon. Having already previously shown of Judd’s new campaign, who during the Testfire, helped Judd to reveal the winning team of every Turf War battle, today the Twitter account has revealed even more details about the character. For starters, the little guy’s Japanese name is Kojudge-kun and while he may look cute and friendly, he is anything but as he is diligently waiting for the opportunity to completely replace Judd by taking the bigger cat’s position full time.


Furthermore it is said that while Kojudge-kun’s origins are a mystery, they are in fact being investigated at this time, but other than that, this concludes everything about the smaller cat character at this moment in time. But it does not conclude the Splatoon 2 news as Nintendo UK has chosen to take it upon itself and showcase a few of the Special Weapons and Main Weapons from the upcoming sequel and we’ve gone ahead and rounded up all the details and videos, and we have it right here:


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Sting Ray: (Special Weapon) 

This right here is a new special weapon called Sting Ray that fires a ray of pressurised ink that shoots through walls and travels long distances, splatting any enemy players it touches.

Splashdown: (Special Weapon)

An Inkling who activates Splashdown will jump into the air and then strike the ground, sending an explosion of ink onto nearby players and surfaces.

Tenta Missiles: (Special Weapon)

When using the Tenta Missiles, an Inkling targets as many opponents as he or she can before firing. Once the weapon is fired, four homing missiles are launched at each targeted opponent. So satisfying.

Inkjet: (Special Weapon)

This special weapon is the Inkjet. It allows you to hover in the air, and comes equipped with a blob launcher that can be used to shoot ink blobs at enemies below. It seems to be a very powerful weapon, but it also leaves its user rather exposed.

Curling Bomb: (Sub Weapon)

We were shocked to learn that the Inklings are familiar with the sport of curling, which may be the greatest discovery of all. Once deployed, the Curling Bomb slides across the ground, bouncing off walls. Take a look at it in action:


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And just like that, we have now reached the end of today’s lengthy Splatoon 2 news coverage compilation. We do hope you leave this article knowing more about Splatoon 2 than you did when you made your way here and should you find yourself wanting to know even more about Splatoon 2, the site to go is miketendo64.com!


Source: Splatoonus (tumblr), @SplatoonJP (Twitter) & Nintendo UK

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