Cave Story+ Comes to Switch on June 20th

From being randomly teased to officially confirmed, Cave Story+ is coming to the Nintendo Switch!


Only come the 20th of June 20, Cave Story+ won’t just be releasing digitally as it will also have a physical release much like The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ did. As for the price of such physical form, well it has been confirmed that the game will cost $29.99 dollars and if you’re thinking that’s a bit too pricey for a game that’s been released previously on other platforms, worry not.

As well as being a game we have previously seen before, Cave Story+ does of course feature some  changes. Changes which includes HD visuals, 7 playable modes, which includes Boss Rush and Wind Fortress, but there are also more than 20 Boss battles, 15 levels, 4 unique endings and 10 all-new never before seen weapons and just in case that’s not enough, as well as this news, we also have a bunch of screenshots to go along with today’s serving of Nicalis related news.


So after having read and seen everything above, is Cave Story going to be a game you add to your growing Switch collection later on this year? Let us know!


 Source: Nintendo Everything


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