A Quick Lesson on Splatoon 2’s Starfish Mainstage

I hope you’re not getting bored of all the Splatoon 2 news we’ve been sharing lately, because now we’ve got something else to cover!


Do you remember back in when we first got to learn about the Diadema Amphitheater stage? Well as expected that name in particular is not the English name. The English name is Starfish Mainstage and the Squid Research Lab has posted a quick report about the arena, which we’re sharing right here:


*        *        *        *        *


Starfish Mainstage:

This is Starfish Mainstage. It’s an outdoor music venue that hosts concerts for all types of music acts. The now legendary “Squid Squad” played here once, and its considered a bit of a holy site for devotees of rock music. It’s a wonder that all the ink spray doesn’t cause the equipment to short circuit, but I guess they’ve got it figured out.

*        *        *        *        *


With still a few more months on the clock before release, there is still plenty to learn about this inktastic sequel, and learn we will as more weapon, location and game news is to regular drop from now and until then and when it does, you can find it all right here at miketendo64.com.


Do join us again when we have more Inky goodness for you to read through, but until then, Stay Fresh!


Source: Splatoonus (tumblr)


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