Tanooki Mario World of Nintendo Plush Review

Kuribo examines the softer side of Nintendo figures in his latest review. Check out whether World of Nintendo Tanooki Mario is worth your hard earned cash!


One thing I often see while hunting for World of Nintendo figures are boxes of plush near the plastic figures.  I often take a look to see what is there just out of curiosity but have yet to buy one.  When I saw my favorite Mario power-up represented in plush form, I couldn’t pass it up!  While I’m still new to reviewing plush, I am really happy to share my thoughts on this little guy.  So without further ado, let’s jump into the review!

Tanooki Mario World of Nintendo Plush FaceDesign – One of the things that I noticed immediately is how well-designed this plush is.  The face looks very close to Mario’s video game likeness outside of his pupils being slightly uneven. The Tanooki suit is also well represented in soft form!  The rest of the textures including the ears and the tail all help make this a cute and surprisingly accurate version of Mario…

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