[Event] Gold Goombas Will March again in Super Mario Run

With Super Mario Run now available on both android and iOS devices, the timing couldn’t be any more perfect than to get the second Gold Goombas event underway!


While not much has been said in today’s forewarning notification, the event will most likely be like last time, which sees Gold Goombas appearing in the World Tour and by squishing a whole ton of them players can go on to fill out Stamp Cards and earn Gold Goomba related statues. Here’s the requirements and rewards we had to aspire too the last time the Gold Goombas were in town:


  • Complete 1 Stamp Card: Gold Goomba Statue
  • Complete 2 Stamp Cards: Gold Goomba Statue x2
  • Complete 3 Stamp Cards: Gold Goomba Statue x3
  • Complete 4 Stamp Cards: Big Gold Goomba Statue


While it would be nice to have different awards this time around, it’s doubtful since this event feels like a way for the new android players to lay claim to their Gold Gooba statues, but that is not an excuse to not partake in the event. So for those of you who are eager to give it a go, it gets underway on the 30th of March and ends at 08:59 a.m. UTC+1 on the 13th of April, but the date is subject to change without any warning. Happy Monday everyone!


Source: Super Mario Run (Mobile app)


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