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A couple of hours ago, the final event of the Splatoon 2 Global Testfire came to an end and with it ended Switch owners chance at trying out the colourful shooter.


But while the event is over, yesterday we got to learn something rather important indeed and that is whilst Venture Beat’s Jeff Grubb partook in one of the testfire events, during an entire hour he played, he did so whilst tethering from his phone and come the end of the session, he only used 150mb.

 S2 (24)

Now this is fantastic news, because not only did many players play the testfire whilst on the go, using their mobile data, with a few of them reporting something similar, but it means that not only is Splatoon 2 a fantastic title that can be played on the go (even if at first glance it feels more like a port than a true sequel,) but when using mobile data, it requires a lot less than initially expected, so for anyone looking to spend their Summer playing Splatoon 2 on their travels, not only can you do so, but it will be easily affordable as well, so there really is nothing stopping you!


So knowing what you know now, is this something you will spend your Summer doing? Let us know!


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