Switch Sales Could have Been Higher in the UK had More Units Been Available

Earlier this week, it was revealed that Switch sales had almost doubled those of the Wii U during the Switch’s launch week in the UK, only now it’s been revealed that the console could have sold a lot more, if additional stock was in place.


According to what retailers have been saying to MCV, the entirety of the Switch stock has depleted and while some are hoping to get more in a week or two, some have said they won’t be able to replenish their Switch stock until April and even then they don’t have an exact date. So while some deemed Switch sales poor in the UK, despite it being around 80,000 units, it could have easily been more had more been initially shipped to the UK retailers selling the console. It also means that whereas Japan sold around 95% of its Switch supply at launch, (albeit over 330,000 units were sold during that time) the UK stock completely sold out.


So it turns out the Switch is in fact a much desired console, even in the UK, it’s just a shame there wasn’t more readily available. Good for you Nintendo, now please hurrying up with those sales figures, we’re all curious to see how well the console did on a global scale!


Source: MCV


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