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Guardian Zelda Breath of the Wild Amiibo Review

It is one of the most expensive Amiibo released to date. Is Guardian worth owning? Find out in Kuribo’s latest review!


While I was obviously excited for the new Archer Link Amiibo, I was also really curious about the Guardian Amiibo.  Maybe it was just in my mind but Guardian looked in the promo shots like one of the biggest Amiibos yet and it was going to cost more than any Amiibo outside of Mega Yarn Yoshi.  Then the intrigue grew with rumors that Guardian was cancelled.  Fortunately, that rumor proved to be false and in many ways, that makes me appreciate that Guardian is finally released now even more.  I’m looking forward to sharing my review of this ground-breaking Amiibo so let’s jump into it!

Guardian Zelda Breath of the Wild Amiibo BoxBox – This is yet another example of awesome Nintendo artwork and design.  That image in the background is striking and the fact that this Amiibo is so big doesn’t hurt!  I forgot to snap a picture of the back of the box in my…

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