Issues with Regards to Fire Emblem Heroes Version 1.1.0 Update are Being Looked Into

Following a new update that rolled out last week for both iOS and android devices of Fire Emblem Heroes, issues have already started to take form.


The issue itself seems to occur when players shut off the application” when mid-battle during an Arena Duel and restarting the battle via bark mark data, which results in an issue where players are no longer able to get the extra score boost when they use Bonus Heroes.

According to the new notification being sent out not only are Nintendo aware of the issue, but they are also currently investigating the issue in the hopes of identifying the cause and fixing the issue outright.

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As of now, the investigation is ongoing but additional news should come sometime in the next few days, along with a possible 1.1.1 update that solves the issue and when it does, we’ll be on hand to share that news.


Source: Fire Emblem Heroes (in-game Notification)


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