Blue Yoshi World of Nintendo 4″ Inch Review

Kuribo reviews an overlooked World of Nintendo figure and explains why Mario fans shouldn’t sleep on Yoshi!

If there is one World of Nintendo figure I have passed on buying over and over again, it is Yoshi.  There are a number of repainted versions of this figure and they’re usually the ones leftover on store shelves once the more rarer figures have been sold.  Perhaps there is just something not as exciting about a common figure too and that is why I kept passing Yoshi up.  Since Meijer still charges $10 for World of Nintendo 4″ inch figures and I had a coupon to get a dollar off, I decided to pick Yoshi up and see if I’ve been missing out on anything.  In short, I have.

world of nintendo blue yoshi boxBox – Much like the figure which has been rereleased several times, the box is something we’ve seen many times now in World of Nintendo and at some point, I hope Jakks will experiment a bit more with their Mario…

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