The Miketendo64 #SwitchWeek Most Wanted Countdown! (In at #6, it’s Splatoon 2)

It’s #SwitchWeek and like we promised, after coming together to compile a list of the collective 7 games we’re looking forwards to most on Switch, by submitting five choices of our own, we are ready to reveal on a daily basis our least anticipated game, to our most excited title! (I wonder what number 1 will be?)

So after revealing our very first title, aka #7 on our little list, it’s time to reveal #6 and it is of course Splatoon 2! If I’m honest, I half expected it to fair a little better, since Splatoon 2 does promise to be one of the best Nintendo games of 2017, but then it’s not the only game that can boast such a thing and with most of them making the list already, Splatoon 2 is actually rather lucky to have even made it in the first place! So congrats Splatoon, you are our 6th most anticipated title for the Nintendo Switch in 2017!

 Image result for Splatoon 2

But wait, there’s more! Given the reveal we had today of SteamWorld Dig 2, I feel compelled to give it an honorary mention. While it did not make our list of 7 it was a game that was brought up during a time it was only known as SteamWorld Quest/#SteamWorldProject2017. Had we have known it was actually Dig 2, our list may have turned out differently, but the list is made and we’re sticking to it. Still feeling over the moon though that Dig 2 is a reality!

Image result for SteamWorld Dig 2

Please join us tomorrow for more #SwitchWeek fun and to find out which game stole the #5 place! I bet you can’t guess what it is!



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