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Missed by almost all Nintendo focused news sites, at the beginning of this month WayForward released a new update on Kickstarter that outlines their plans for the new Shantae title. But now that we’ve seen it, let’s give the update’s contents the coverage it deserves.

Now we’re not going to cover absolutely everything that was mentioned such as Early Access being ended, Credits Survey and other things of that nature, but we will be sharing what was said about PlaySation TV, a new update and the planned dlc:


So What’s Next?:

During the month of January, we’ve been doing some housecleaning. Here’s what we’ve been up to:

  • MISSING BACKER CODES: Over the holiday we expanded our support team to help get everyone taken care of! There are still a few people left to help, so we’re making this our top priority.
  • UPDATE 1.01: Since launch we’ve been fixing bugs! We’ve been snooping around social media, and digging through support emails to improve the game’s stability in numerous ways. Now we’re getting ready to submit Version 1.01, which will make all versions of the game up to date. This update will also contain a special “thank you” surprise, which we’ll reveal in our next Kickstarter Update – We hope you look forward to it!
  • PHYSICAL REWARDS: Work on the physical rewards has begun in earnest! T-shirts, the Collector’s Coin, Music CDs, the Lenticular Poster, and the Art Book are either being designed, or are in production. We’re prioritizing quality over timeliness, same as with the game. So thank you for being patient. You’ve waited a long time, and we want these things to be awesome!


DLC Content is in the Works!:

The game may be over, but the DLC will continue! Here’s a quick status update on all of the DLC!

  • TINKERBAT DLC: The playable Tinkerbat form is now complete and in test! We expect this to be our first DLC release. We’ll have an ETA on that as soon as we’ve submitted Update 1.01.
  • DLC MODES: We’ve already started work on the Risky Boots, Sky, Bolo, Rottytops, Beach, Ninja, and Officer Modes! We plan to release Risky Boots Mode first, and that’s where we’re putting the majority of our dev efforts now!
  • BLUE SHANTAE, CLASSIC RISKY, and SWORD: This download code is planned to include all 3 of these features, and will arrive after the Risky Boots DLC drops. We need Risky’s mode to be completed before we can recolor her, and we want to lump all of this Backer content into a single submission to make the code distribution easier for everyone.


PlayStation TV:

As you may already know, support for the Playstation TV did not make it into the final product. If you’ve dreamed of playing PS Vita on the big screen, fret no longer! Today we’re happy to announce that PSTV support is back, and will be included in Update 1.01! Huge thanks to our friends at Xseed and Sony for helping us add this feature!


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For the full update on Kickstarter, use the link below:



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