Pokemon Mega Construx Line Coming!

Kuribo updates Pokemon fans on new building sets coming their way. If you’ve wanted Pokemon Legos, this is as close as you may get!


A while back, I did an article suggesting that Nintendo considering dropping the license with K’Nex and making an actual building toy line that would appeal to young and old Nintendo fans.  According to Kotaku, an idea similar to this is in the works and while license isn’t coming directly from Nintendo (and instead the Pokemon Company), someone is finally bringing us some toys based on building blocks!  The company that was once known as Mega Bloks who had or have several video game licenses including Assassin’s Creed and Halo will be getting the Pokemon license.  There is limited information as far as what the sets will be like but it looks like they may be Pokemon centered instead of being larger building sets like you see with Lego.  While these initial sets seem small (which would make them friendly to kids and to everyone’s wallet)  I could see…

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