You’re doing it again amazon, leaking information ahead of time!

We know the full name to Fire Emblem Echoes. We even know when it is releasing, we know the protagonists in it and the fact that they have their own amiibo, but we have no idea as to what those amiibo do.

Well according to a translation of the description for the amiibo on the site, it is said that the game will support the amiibo on the day it releases and that with the amiibo you will be able to challenge a special dungeon, but what I like about this, is the fact this is not the first time we’ve seen Nintendo do something like this.

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Last year they did the same with The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD for Wii U as the Wolf Link amiibo that come with the game, was required to access a special dungeon of its own. A dungeon called Cave of Shadows. But the reason why this is of some importance is because in the article covering this very same news by Nintendo Life, the writer’s opening line is “Is it worth it?” Well not everyone got a Wolf Link amiibo with their game, some of them brought it separately, just so they could play the dungeon, and given the fact that dungeon was not only fairly sizeable and like something we’d seen already in the game, but the hearts you save on your Wolf Link amiibo after taking on the trial, is to become the number of hearts Wolf Link will have when players tap the amiibo into Breath of the Wild, so in Twilight Princess HD’s case, it was more than worth it.

Resultado de imagen de wolf link cave of shadows

What this means is, the dungeon the Alm and Celica amiibo could be similar to the one we saw in last year’s Zelda game, but more befitting a Fire Emblem game. So yeah, it probably is worth it actually, especially if the amiibo also go on to have other uses, like adding a certain something to the new Fire Emblem game for Nintendo Switch next year and Fire Emblem Warriors this year.


We will all find out soon enough!



By Jack Longman

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