Prepare for Battle at the Battle Tree! (A Pokémon Sun & Moon Global Mission)

Its official, the third Global Mission is over, we are more than successful with over 4.1 million downloads, and already details of the next mission have started to come in.

From February the 28th onwards, players hoping to emerge triumphant from the fourth mission will need to earn Battle Points from the Battle Tree, but there has yet to be any mention as to how long the event will run for (most likely two weeks,) and what the goal post is this time.

As for players who wish to collect their rewards for completing the third global mission, you can collect your Festival Coins by talking to the receptionist in Festival Plaza, but you will have to wait for the Friend Ball and Rare Candy reward. They are coming, just they won’t be available now as they’re being distributed later this month via Serial Code.

As soon as more details are shared on the fourth Global Mission arrive, you can expect to see a follow-up grace the web pages of Miketendo64!




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