Miketendo64 Asks… Zordix AB’s Matti Larsson about Fire Emblem Heroes

This is Miktendo64 Asks… The mini-interview series that sees us getting in touch with various devs to hear what they have to say regarding all manner of hot topics and with Fire Emblem Heroes being what is “Hot” right now, it’s only fitting we asked various devs if they downloaded the game and ask what they thought of it. Gracing our site with his response, for this particular instalment is Zordix AB’s Matti Larsson:


“Fire Emblem Heroes is very nice. I guess I haven’t discovered everything yet, like how to heal my characters during battle with a potion or similar, but it seems like I win anyway so far even if some of my characters die. Using the Rally function, it looks like the other player will heal and then deliver a more powerful hit.”


Now because this is the last Fire Emblem Heroes edition of Miktendo64 Asks… and the fact that Matti is a fan of the Fire Emblem series, we also asked him how we felt the game compared to other games playable in the series:


“The mobile version appears to be a simplified version of a Fire Emblem game. I liked the Wii version best so far in the series. The 3DS was nice as well. I glad a new instalment is coming to Switch, as I prefer to play on a large screen. But Heroes is a nice game, so when travelling, it makes time pass quickly.


Now just because our Fire Emblem Heroes Miktendo64 Asks… segment is over, it doesn’t mean Miktendo64 Asks… is, as there is always something to talk about, so just as soon as Breath of the Wild is out, we’ll probably be doing another segment then and whatever else that is worth talking to devs about!


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