(Event) The Flying Gym Cup Comes to Pokémon Duel

So it turns out, the new minor update for Pokémon Duel has an ulterior purpose after all!

For the mobile Pokémon title, a new major event is underway, entitled the “Flying Gym Cup!” The event runs from today through to the 16th at 04:59 a.m. UTC. Any win streaks obtained during the event will see players rewarded with special Gym Boosters that can contain rare figures such as Magikarp and Gyarados. Flying-type Movement 1 and 2 figures, for the duration of the event, gain an additional 1 Movement while Ice-type white and gold attacks get a boost of +20.

Lastly special trophies will be handed out at the end of the event, (next week.)


Source: Nintendo Everything


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