(Event) 10,000 Hero Feathers & An Arena Promotion (The Time to Duel has Come!)

The time to collect our 10,000 Hero Feathers has come and with it, a special gift.

Unfortunately the gift isn’t another 10,000 Hero Feathers as that would have been greatly appreciated, but it is 10 Dueling Crests, which can restore all 3 Dueling Swords when used up in the Arena. But why would we need/want these? I’m glad you asked.

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As part of an Arena Promotion, the 10 Duelling Crests are being sent out as a means of getting players to participate in the Arena more actively. Something which is beneficial to us as the better we do, the more Hero Feathers we can earn and that’s not the only way to win Feathers either as new Arena quests have been added as well. These quests to be specific:

  • 1,000 Hero Feathers (Win 20 Arena Duels)
  • 1,000 Hero Feathers (Win 10 Arena Duels on Intermediate or higher difficulty)
  • 10 Duelling Crests (Win 5 Arena Duels)

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Players have just 19 days to complete each one of these quests and can collect the special low-intensity bonus by signing into Fire Emblem Heroes before the 13th of March and it can be collected right now.

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Source: Fire Emblem Heroes (in-game Notification)


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