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Get Ready to Earn Another 30 Orbs with Fire Emblem Heroes (5 New Maps Inbound)

Fire Emblem Heroes has only been out for three days and its first campaign is underway, but come tomorrow, we’ll get to see the release of the first of five new maps.

According to this tweet from the official account, five special Worldwide Launch Celebration Maps are planned for Heroes. Maps that can you earn up to 6 Orbs as each map features two difficulty modes and what I am assuming is three levels per map (3 x 2 = 6) and the first map is to release tomorrow (February the 6th)  at 16:00 p.m. JST. One map will be released every week, enabling users to collect a total of 30 Orbs. However the event may start at different times for those of us in different areas.


Since my team isn’t the best in the world, I just hope they’re up to the challenge. I could use those Orbs to try and summon better characters, how about you? How’s your Dream Team coming along?


Source: @FE_Heroes_JP (Twitter)


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