Nintendo Says “Keep an Eye on Miitomo”

Since this week has had a whole ton of Super Mario Run, Fire Emblem Heroes and even mobile Animal Crossing news, it’s time we had some Miitomo news and we’ve got some!

Remember the Super Mario Run event Miitomo hosted, to coincide with the release of Super Mario Run? Well I did and it got me thinking, “could we hope to see a similar thing when Fire Emblem Heroes releases?” And since contacting Fire Emblem Heroes customer support was one way to get an answer, I thought I would contact them once again. When they replayed it was a simple, “direct your query to Miitomo customer support,” so I did. Only when I got a reply from the Miitomo lot, they actually told me to email so I sent them an email and guess what? Not only did they reply, but they actually stated that while they can not disclose upcoming events or promotions for Miitomo, there are some “nice surprises coming up very soon.” You can find a photo of the response below:


So there we have it, while a Fire Emblem tie-in wasn’t confirmed, it seems this month of February could very well see an intriguing Miitomo event get underway.  Thanks for the speedy and informative responses Nintendo Customer Support. What would we do without you?


Source: Nintendo


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